Explorative Modeling of Aeolian sediment influx from surrounding sand pits into Lake Saint-Charles

This study focuses on an exploratory modeling of TSP concentrations emerging from sand and gravel pits and the potential particle and nutrient input to Lake Saint-Charles and a field work campaign to quantify TSP concentrations on-site. The lake, which serves as a drinking water reservoir for Québec City, is well monitored for surface waters and land use and many possible sources of pollution have been documented. However, atmospheric depositions have not yet been monitored nor quantified. The main objectives of the study can be formulated as two key questions: 1) Is dust prevalent from the sand pit transported as far as the lake? 2) Can an increase of atmospheric particulate matter be directly measured north-east of the sand pit towards Lake Saint-Charles?

Référence à citer : Mémoire de baccalauréat de Luzie Scheinpflug, finissante à l’Université Ludwig-Maximilians de Munich en Allemagne. Québec, août 2016

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